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Reading List

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Screenshot showing the Reading Now list.  Each book shows its photo, title, and author.  Tabs let you switch to the Saved For Later list and the Finished Reading list.  Click to change screenshots.

Reading List is a quick, useful app that will help you get back to reading.

To add a book to your list, just enter the title and author, or scan a bar code (on iPhone 3GS or newer).

Jot down the page you're on, the library due date, where you found it, or where you left it — any notes you want.

The app can download book cover photos and fill in blank authors. You can also use the camera yourself.

Books stay organized in four views:

Sort each view however you like. You might bring up your wish list at the bookstore, then sort by author to match the store shelves.

Above all, Reading List is designed to be easy and quick. At a moment's notice, you can add a book or glance at your list. Then, get on with your life.

Reading List is available for iPhone on the App Store.

Available on the App Store


† You must be connected to the Internet to scan bar codes or look up photos.

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